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Want a song? Need some sound design? Or a production of your material?
Or just want to chat? :-)

Contact Chris and Counter Communications directly:

General contact
email: info@counter-communications.com
phone: +1 323-365-6600

Song licensing
You can license our music directly through our library on SourceAudio
Or send us an email at licensing@counter-communications.com
Or call Chris at +1 323-365-6600 or Marion at +1 415-361-2279

Press contact
Deborah Brosseau | Spinner PR
email: info@spinnerpr.com
phone: +1 323-314-4203

Legal contact
Ben McLane | McLane & Wong Attorneys at Law
email: bcmclane@aol.com
phone: +1 818-587-6801

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latest releases

Chris Wirsig

electronic instrumentals
, dedicated to Edgar Froese & KlausSchulze

no:carrier, Mills, Nadia S

epic | orchestral | dark wave

The Cure cover

Chris Wirsig
Signals From...

electronic instrumentals


Bad Moon Rising

darkwave | electropop | synthpop
eerie CCR cover

Broken Rainbow

darkwave | electropop | synthpop


Chris Wirsig/no:carrier
The 13 Crystal Skulls

dark ambient

Chris Wirsig
20 Matches OST
original score

Ghosts / West Coast

dark cover songs


Chris Wirsig
Alien Tribe 2 OST

original soundtrack from the game

Counter Communications, LLC