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to the dark music of Chris Wirsig - composer, songwriter and producer;
best known for his Electro Noire band no:carrier, the electronica/ambient project Virtual Conformity, and several soundtrack works.

There's more info and of course lots of music to listen to...


no:carrier & Scilla LIVE at Hunnypot at The Mint - March 5!
February 6, 2018
My collaboration project no:carrier & Scilla will perform the songs from the Trip Hop EP "Chasing Tears" live at Hunnypot at The Mint on March 5 (10:15pm).
It's free, all ages and you'll have a great time at the coolest party in LA!
Check out the event page...

Blog: My "Sad California" playlist - Part 1
January 18, 2018
When we decided to move from Germany to California, of course I immedately started to compile a “mix tape” for the occasion. And me being me, it of course tended to be more on the dark, sad, melancholy side...
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“Dark Ambient Drones at Counter Communications
January 10, 2018
Dark and somber score pieces - droning, foreboding, harsh. These drones range from minimal piano to processed drums and harsh synths. Always emoting the darkest and most melancholy feelings, in the vein of scores by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Dave Porter, Skinny Puppy, Throbbing Gristle, Mac Quayle and others.

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

New album with electronic instrumentals coming in February
December 20, 2017
I will release a new album of electronic instrumentals on February 23,2018. The music is drawing from the legacy of the Berlin School style and its artists who influenced him, from Tangerine Dream to Klaus Schulze (who gets his own dedication in the songs “Ode To KS” and “KS2”). The album, dedicated to the late Edgar Froese, also reflects my fascination with science and space travel, drawing inspiration from the discovery of exoplanets and possible future colonization of other planets. With this, the album is also a hat tip to organizations like NASA and Space-X. melancholy of the original, it immerses the listener into the sadness and pain of a relationship unrequited or separated.

no:carrier, Mills and Nadia S. cover The Cure's “Lovesong in an epic, orchestral, trailerized version
December 8, 2017
Mills, Nadia S., and Chris Wirsig of no:carrier met at a networking event in Los Angeles and bonded over a fondness for dark, dramatic styles of music, so they decided to team up for a cover song reflecting their shared vision. The Cure’s goth rock classic, “Lovesong,” gets re-imagined in an epic, orchestral/electronic style – haunting, emotive, breathtaking. Capturing the melancholy of the original, it immerses the listener into the sadness and pain of a relationship unrequited or separated.

The single is aviable on all platforms, including:
iTunes  |  Amazon  |  Spotify  |  Bandcamp 

The song is also avialble for licensing:
Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

“Chasing Tears by no:carrier & Scilla at Counter Communications
November 1, 2017
Co-written by Chris and Scilla Hess, produced by Chris and released under their artist names no:carrier & Scilla, "Chasing Tears" features six Trip Hop style songs in the vein of Portishead, Massive Attack and Morcheeba, but with a modern flavor - dark, somber, emotive. From the upcoming lead single "Tomorrow's Sorrow," dealing with deep fears of regret and failure, to stories of breakups, emancipation and somber emotions. Commercial release to follow in 2018!

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

“Okkultika at Counter Communications
October 4, 2017
Macabre at its best: From a “Witch Dance” and the satanic “The Devil’s Mark” to the nightly terror of a “Sukkubus”, these 16 electronic/orchestral cues are the perfect soundtrack for every nightmare.

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

Blog: 50 years Tangerine Dream - 5 albums you should listen to
September 29, 2017
As I never tire to mention, I’m a big fan of the German electronic band Tangerine Dream and am heavily influenced by their work. Founded 50 years ago today and having released far over 100 albums, soundtracks and compilations, it’s hard to choose only a few favorites. And although I’m doomed to fail, I’ll try anyway and present five Tangerine Dreams albums you should listen to...
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Interview at ReviewFix.com
August 16, 2017
I've recently been interviewd by ReviewFix.com, talking about the music library, upcoming releases and dark music in general.

Check out the interview here...

“Hybrid Tension at Counter Communications
August 3, 2017
Orchestra and electronics - from creepy to epic and big dramatic builds. "Hybrid Tension" offers cues for trailers and drama, mixing orchestral pieces with harsh synthetic sounds.

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

“Synthetic Tension at Counter Communications
July 6, 2017
The dark and tense side of Electro and Synthpop. "Synthetic Tension" brings you eerie, quirky and fright-infused instrumental songs and cues, from Science-Fiction to Action to Horror.

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

Blog: 5 Reasons why I seldom listen to radio
June 22, 2017
Radio Ga Ga… Radio can be very cool to listen to, but on the other hand I never liked it as much as listening to full albums or concerts. And there are a few reasons for that. So here’s my little rant about commercial radio… Continue reading

"Bad Moon Rising" - new video and single from no:carrier
June 9, 2017
Ominous. Eerie. Shadowy. With a vibey take on the Creedence Clearwater Revival hit “Bad Moon Rising,” no:carrier makes its new single and accompanying video disquieting and unforgettable.

Watch the video here...

“Bad Moon Rising” is available at iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and other stores.

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

“Killing Noize at Counter Communications
June 7, 2017
Metallic, droning, creepy, noisy. Edgy electronic cues in the tradition of the most respected Industrial and Noise artists - think Throbbing Gristle, Merzbow, Cabaret Voltaire... All in easy-to-use, building cues, and always with unusual sound design and modern elements.

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

Blog: 5 Quick Mixing Tips – Frequencies, Panorama and Air
May 25, 2017
Mixing music is quite often a thing of personal taste – while some like to have crispy highs (and loud HiHats and Cymbals), others prefer a more bassy sound. But why is it still a bit muddy or muffled (or too tinny)? Here are five quick tips that can help your mix… Continue reading

“Abstract Piano at Counter Communications
May 3, 2017
"Abstract Piano" features 13 piano cues between avantgarde, drama, tension and horror. Enriched with cello and viola, plus subtle synths in some cases, these cues go for dramatic romance as well as foreboding fear.

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

Blog: 5 effect plugins I can't live without (and why)
April 11, 2017
Everyone has his favorite instruments, plugins and production tools, that can range from pretty basic stuff to weird things that just make the difference. So Chris wrote about five of the effect plugins that he uses all the time (not totally weird ones) and basically can’t live without… Continue reading

“Elekktro Creep at Counter Communications
March 29, 2017
Creepy, emotive, edgy electronic cues, that's what Elekktro Creep will bring to your projects. Hunters stalking their victims, creatures creeping through dark alleys, and dramatic outbreaks in dark laboratories (just a few hints on the scenes these cues would work perfectly). All cues available in several mix-outs and readily licensable.

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

Blog: 5 songs everyone recognizes but don't know the artist
March 14, 2017
Don’t you hate that: You know the song you’re just hearing but can’t remember the title or who the artist is. Well, you’re not alone – and there’s a big amount of songs that most people recognize, but don’t know the title, let alone the artist’s name. “Popcorn” probably is the perfect example: Everyone knows the bouncy melody, but who can honestly say, who recorded it? Some might know the version by Hot Butter – but that’s not the original… Continue reading

Chris Wirsig's music in "Mariah's World"
January 10, 2017
The successful reality tv series "Mariah's World" featured music Chris Wirsig produced especially for the project. The show originally aired on E! starting December 4, 2016, with broadcasts worldwide to follow.

Title theme for "Nadya's Identity Files" produced by Chris Wirsig
November 24, 2016
"Nadya's Identity Files," a talkshow about identity in all forms, hosted by Nadya Rousseau, now has a new title theme. The electronic instrumental, written and produced by Chris Wirsig, perfectly captures the shows topic, playing with different sounds. "Nadya's Identity Files" can be seen live on WCOBM every Tuesday at 11am, or watched later on demand.

no:carrier's "Broken Rainbow - Ballads for an Apocalyptic World"
November 11, 2016
The cover shows the end-time vision with a sightless, dressed-up girl holding a dark crow amidst a barren landscape, oblivious of the destruction around her. Only a little glimpse of hope can be seen in the form of an, albeit fading, rainbow. The songs on "Broken Rainbow" range from the topic of depression and addiction ("Your Heroin") to the important role alleged villains often play in fostering what is good ("Holy Judas"), and the depths of human behavior ("Little Death", "The Day I Met You", "Alibis").

“Broken Rainbow” will be available digitally and on limited edition CD from iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and other stores.

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

Music for Kaspersky Lab's "Digital Companions" corporate video
September 14, 2016
Music from the Counter Communications library builds tension in "Digital Companions: How smartphones have become our friends", a corporate video by leading security software company Kaspersky Lab.

Listen to more tension cues directly on our SourceAudio page.

“Ghosts Of The West Coast - Dark Cover Versions” at Counter Communications
September 1, 2016
The songs on no:carrier's "Ghosts Of The West Coast" cover well-known hits in their unique, dark Electro Pop style. From Don Henley's "The Boys Of Summer", Belinda Carlisle's "California", Tony Carey's "Room With A View" and CCR's "Bad Moon Rising" to the Irish traditional "She Moved Through The Fair". Haunting, creepy and foreboding.
All songs are available in several mix-outs (instrumental, no drums, drums only...)

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

Music in "My Fighting Season"
August 16, 2017
The documentary series "My Fighting Season," first aired on the Audience Network, follows American soldiers in Afghanistan, with real footage captured from on the ground cameras. Songs from our album "The 13 Crystal Skulls" have been featured in three episodes.

Check out the album "The 13 Crystal Skulls":
Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

“Rising Tension - orchestral/electronic cues at Counter Communications
August 1, 2016
Tension, suspense, adventure, crime...
Orchestral, electronic and hybrid cues that underline the drama.
The new album in our library delivers exactly that.

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

“Strange Things In The Night - Vol. 1” - Creepy electronic/acoustic cues at Counter Communications
August 1, 2016
Tension and suspense, things creeping around, otherworldly beings and much more...
That's the stuff of the tension cues found on our library album "Strange Things In The Night - Vol. 1": Electronic, acoustic and orchestral cues for horror, science fiction, crime, suspense, drama...

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

“Signals From... - Electronic Instrumentals” at Counter Communications
July 29, 2016
The new addition to our music library features electronic instrumental songs in the vein of Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis. Of course infused with tension, darkness and suspense, hits and stings, and captivating original sounds and instruments.
Written and produced by Chris Wirsig, all songs are also available in several mix-outs, from no drums versions to no melody versions.

Listen and license directly from our SourceAudio page.

Chris' music now also available from DA Music Management
August 10, 2016
Some of Chris' music is now also available from the DA Music Management library, a cutting-edge artist development/business operations boutique firm offering tracks for placement in all aspects of media. Chris is also one of DA Music's house composers available for commissioned work. You can find DA Music's library at damusic.sourceaudio.com.

“The 13 Crystal Skulls” released to rave reviews
May 13, 2016
Today the new dark ambient instrumental album by Chris Wirsig & no:carrier was officially released after already garnering lots of great reviews from the likes of Huffington Post, Brutal Resonance, Daily News Service, ShockYa and others. The music reflects the lore of adventure, mystery and occult topics surrounding the supposedly Mesoamerican artifacts, the Crystal Skulls, with Wirsig’s unique blend of acoustic and electronic elements.
Full streaming of the album and more information at crystalskulls.chriswirsig.com
Available digitally and on CD at iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and select record stores.

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